About Me


I started this blog in mid of 2016. One day, when I was writing the script for my friend who used to make YouTube videos for game reviews and post-match analysis. I got an idea that why don’t I start putting my thoughts and footballing understanding and analysis in my way.
Here, I put all my thoughts and critique of matches and footballing bodies. I know there are millions of Football blogs and pages, but for me, it is not just a game; it is an emotion and the place Football hold in my life is very unusual. It has helped me over many of my difficulties and emotional turmoil.

Now, why football and how it all began? I was in class 7th and watching the 2002 world cup with my father, who by the way is a huge Brazil fan, I had no idea about the game and its rules. I witness a strange free-kick, the ball curling away from the goalkeeper and dipping down into the top left corner into the goal post from a distance of 30-35 yard. It was a free-kick form a player called Ronaldinho against England. From that day, the name was embedded within me. I started watching all the news and reading anything about him on the internet or paper. Then he joined FC Barcelona, and the love affair began.

I follow FC Barcelona, and for me, the greatest player for FC Barcelona is Andrés Iniesta, and yes, for me, it is more than just a game. I have overcome many emotional difficulties because of football. And I think that is the reason I watch the game unbiased and I always support a good football game. For me, the quality of the game is more important.